Winter Is Coming!


Winter is coming whether we like it or not, and it is imperative that you make sure you do not have storm damage before it’s here.  Below we will explain why and how this can impact your roof if you do have hail damage.



First, we need to understand what happens when hail hits your roof and how it can cause serious damage.

Take a look at the picture above.  Once the hail hits your shingle it forms a dent and it can also crack the shingle all the way through.  The granules on the top of the shingle are used to protect the mat; and they have now been damaged, taken off or pushed down.  No matter what, the shingle has lost its protection and it’s integrity has been compromised. Over time, water will continue to work its way down and eventually leak into your home.  A lot of times homeowners will not know this is happening until it finally makes its way to your ceiling- causing stains and discoloration.

So why is it so important to find this before winter?  We have had record-breaking rain this past summer which can cause the leaks to worsen much quicker and create damage in your home at faster rates.  When the cold winter temperatures come, it will cause that water that is getting in to freeze. We all know when water freezes it expands, so look at the picture above and think about what that would look like.  Inside that crack, the water will freeze and expand causing a larger hole for more water to enter and potentially cause more damage when it warms up.

R.L. Groves and Sons offers FREE exterior home inspections.  We will send a company representative out to your home and look over the entire exterior.  At that point we can give you piece of mind- your home is not damaged and you will be fine for the upcoming winter months, or you do have damage that we need to have taken care of before it could get worse.

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